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Do you make stuff on YouTube? If so, consider participating in Makers Rock 2024! Yes, you!



  • Grow your YouTube audience! You will get a LOT of new viewers checking out your channel!
  • Elevate yourself in the Maker community! You’ll collaborate with many other Makers!
  • It’s FUN! Like… a LOT of fun!

What is Makers Rock?

  • YouTubers recreate alumn art (ex: approximately 12″ x 12″ vinyl alumn cover) using any material and then give it away to someone in their audience.
  • All participants publish videos to their YouTube channels on the same day! We flood YouTube with Makers Rock videos!
  • All participants link to (and promote) other participants. It’s like a normal collaboration with a single person… but with MANY others simultaneously!
  • Each participant will either randomly give away their artwork to one of their audience members. Giveaways are very popular and also help grow your channel!


  • Q: How do I participate?
    • A: Send a Facebook direct message to: Matt Haas. Matt will add you to the secret Facebook Group and get you started.
  • Q: Is it easy to participate?
    • A: Yep. The private Facebook group you’ll join has many helpful and knowledgeable participants. We got you.
  • Q: What support will participants get?
    • A: You’ll get these marketing assets:
      • High-resolution Makers Rock logo
      • Makers Rock’s copyright-safe guitar song MP3 you can optionally use in your video.
      • Access to a google sheet with participant details (to copy/paste into your promos)
      • All YouTube channel icons of all participants. (again, to use in your promos)
      • Access to the super fun and secret Facebook group with other participants.
  • Q: How did Makers Rock start?

Here are playlists that contain each Makers Rock build video from previous years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 20202022 & 2023.

Are you a participant? If so, choose your album. (Google Form)

See who's making what. (read-only spreadsheet)