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Participants 2019

Example promo video: Example 1 & Example 2

Playlists containing each build video: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Want more info about each participant? See the “Who’s Making What” 2020 spreadsheet.

Resources to use in your promo and build-video (found within the zip file… link below):

  • High-Resolution MAKERS ROCK logo with a transparent background
  • A royalty-free MP3 to optionally use in your promo and/or build video
    • Eloy created this just for Maker Rock. Consider giving Eloy a shout-out if you use it. I’m sure he’d appreciate that!
  • Rich-Text file of participant’s channel names & URLs (to copy/paste in the video description)
  • YouTube channel icons for all participants

Super-mega zip archive:
—-> participant-logos2020_v2 <—-