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Quick Reference

Project: Recreate an album (approximately 12’x12′) that was released in the ’60s or 70’s using any material. (use logo/branding properly throughout this effort)

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Understand what we’re doing and what is expected of you. Start here.
    1. Decide which album you’ll recreate (Don’t pick a duplicate album, check the spreadsheet)
  2. Sign-up before Wed, Feb 8
  3. March 10 – Deliver your (Image) Channel icon or other promotion art (Send a notification email to:
    1. IMPORTANT: If you miss this deadline, you won’t be able to participate
    2. IMPORTANT: Delivery of the Short Clip commits you to publishing both the Promo and the Build video. No turning back!
  4. March 17, 18, or 19 – Publish your Promo Video to your channel. (use logo/branding properly)
  5. March 17 – Begin promoting your video and the Makers Rock brand (optional but recommended)
    1. Promote your project and/or other participant’s channels/projects on social media
  6. March 24 – Publish your Build Video (use logo/branding properly)
  7. Choose a give-a-way winner no later than April 7 (it must be easy to be a contestant)

Want to do more? Examples: Go crazy with self-promotion, work with some/all participates to coordinate promotion efforts, expand your give-a-way to include more items… go nuts!

Are you a participant? If so, choose your album. (Google Form)

See who's making what. (read-only spreadsheet)