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Again, one of the primary goals of this effort is Channel Promotion. To help with that, you should publish a video on your channel on the designated date, that has you explaining to your audience what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

In addition to simply telling your audience who’s participating, you will also show short clips of each participant. This short clip will show the participant announcing who they are, they channel they own, and the item they plan on making.


All clips must be 720p (1280×720)

Simply capture video of yourself communicating 3 pieces of information. IMPORTANT: Do NOT including any other details!

  • Your name
  • Your channel name
  • The project you’re making (show an image of the album… do NOT show your completed project. Simply google the album and use an image from the internet)

That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

Example script: “I’m Matt Haas from Awesome Wood Things. I’m making [album and/or band name].”

Deliver these clips one of two ways, then send an email to: saying you’ve uploaded your video.

  1. Via FTP (access codes will be provided to you)
  2. Publish to YouTube as an Unlisted video

Again, after your upload is complete, send an email to: