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Who We Are


Six makers got this idea off the ground in 2016:


We created a brand called: Makers Rock

We speaking about this, you can follow the name of the collaboration we’re doing. For example: Album Art Collab

So, you’d say it like this: Makers Rock [pause] Album Art Collab. We are makers who rock… and we’re doing an album art collaboration. Get it? We may do a moving poster collab can call it: Makers Rock [pause] Movie Poster Collab.


  1. Create awesome videos on YouTube around a shared theme and give your item away to a lucky winner
  2. Promote theYouTube channels from every maker that participates

That last part is critical. To ensure this happens, you will be required to do a bit more most other collaborations on the internet.


There are two parts: a PROMO video and your full BUILD video


  • Saturday, March 10: Deliver a short video saying who you are, the channel you’re from, and the album you choose to create.
  • Saturday, March 17: Publish your promo video. Combine every short video, from every maker who’s participating, into a promo video where you explain what’s happening and show every Maker’s short clip.


  • Saturday, March 25: You must publish your build video on this date.

If you miss the first deadline (March 10), I’m sorry to say that you will not be included. Again, the goal is to promote other participants and without this clip, we won’t be able to do that.



In 2016, the theme was Rock and Roll albums from the 80s and 90s

In 2017, the theme will be Rock and Roll albums from the 60s and 70s.


Create something in your shop that is approximately 12′ x 12′. (30.48 centimeters x  30.48 centimeters) that matches the theme.

You can use any material.

It must “hang on the wall”… in other words, it must be “wall art” rather than something that sits on a table top.

The internet expects to see some really great work… so we hope you’ll really give this project your full attention and use all of your talents to create something awesome.


Again, one of the primary goals of this effort is Channel Promotion. To help with that, you should publish a video on your channel on the designated date, that has you explaining to your audience what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

In addition to simply telling your audience who’s participating, you will also show short clips of each participant. This short clip will show the participant announcing who they are, they channel they own, and the item they plan on making.


All clips must be 720p (1280×720)

Simply capture video of yourself communicating 3 pieces of information. IMPORTANT: Do NOT including any other details!

  • Your name
  • Your channel name
  • The project you’re making (show an image of the album… do NOT show your completed project. Simply google the album and use an image from the internet)

That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

Example script: “I’m Matt Haas from Awesome Wood Things. I’m making [album and/or band name].”

Deliver these clips one of two ways, then send an email to: saying you’ve uploaded your video.

  1. Via FTP (access codes will be provided to you)
  2. Publish to YouTube as an Unlisted video

Again, after your upload is complete, send an email to:


Create a short promo video. It should begin with you explaining what you’re doing and then show every short clip from every participant. Link each channel in the description.

The official Makers Rock logo should appear in your video.

Example script:

“I’m working with a bunch of other makers… we all made album art that you can hang on a wall. Rock-n-roll! Our individual videos will publish [publish date]. Be sure to check each of our channels on that day because we’re all giving them away! That’s right, you could own one of our creations! I’m making [say the name of the album you’re making… show a graphic of the album (get the album image from google… don’t show your finished project.)]


See Project Details [link to come]You have a lot of creative freedom here. There are only a few things you must do:

  1. Show the formal Makers Rock logo
  2. Promote the other makers. Include links to their channels in the description. Ideally, include something on-screen as well.
  3. There is no restriction on resolution… use 720 or 1028.
  4. Describe your give-a-way rules. Again… keep it simple!


You must hold a contest and give your item away to someone at random. It must be free to enter.

You choose where you’ll ship.

You run the content however you want. IMPORTANT: Participating as a contestant MUST BE EASY. There can be no elaborate steps a contestant must take. What is considered something that’s too hard? It’s hard to say… if you have doubts, contact one of the original 2016 participants. If you pick a YouTube commenter at random, that would work.

Ideally, a winner will be chosen within one week. You may not let a lot of time go by before choosing a winner.

Are you a participant? If so, choose your album. (Google Form)

See who's making what. (read-only spreadsheet)